Research & Facilities

Neuroethology of Flight and Escape in Insects.

  • Motor patterns and wing kinematics underlying straight flight and steering in locusts.
  • Sensorimotor plasticity in the locust flight system using a mobile robotics platform (M.E.L.).

Insect Flight Aerodynamics & Biomechanics

  • Structure and function of the leading edge vortex (LEV).
  • Wing-wing interaction in functionally four-winged insects.
  • Artificial insect wings.
  • Flapping wing micro-aerial-vehicles (MAVs).
  • Fish hydrodynamics.

Auditory Sensorimotor Integration & Bioacoustics

  • Insect audition.
  • Mechanisms of auditory information integration with on-going motor (flight) activity.
  • Auditory differences between solitary and gregarious locusts.

Ab ea parte –

  • Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT).
  • Biomedical devices for concussion studies.
  • Assistive devices.