Insect Flight Group

We want to understand how insects fly.

Our Research

Neuroethology of Flight and Escape in Insects

We are working toward understanding how insects use their wings to fly and manoeuver during escape. We use multichannel electromyography and concurrent high-speed cinematography to relate wing kinematics to muscle activity.

Insect Flight Aerodynamics

Our goal is to use wings and actuated flapping wing models to understand how aerodynamic forces are produced during flight. We combine bio-inspired robotic devices with flow visualization techniques (PIV and dye) to study the fluid structure of the wake of flapping wings. Our group collaborates with engineers in designing and building micro-air-vehicles.

Auditory Sensorimotor Integration

We use behavioural and electrophysiological techniques to understand the bioacoustics and neurobiology of insect hearing.

About Us

The Insect Flight Group (IFG) at Carleton University was established in 2005 by Dr. Jeff W. Dawson. Our lab is located in the Department of Biology and is home to graduate and undergraduate students. We are multidisciplinary and enjoy ongoing collaborations with Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Biomedical Engineering at Carleton.

We are a member of Carleton Aerospace


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Insect Flight Group
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