Flow Visualization Lab

This laboratory, which opened in 2010, was established with the objective of proving a facility for flow visualization studies of biological models and for the study of insect flight and flapping wing aerodynamics.

Centrepiece in the lab is a 4m long, 1m deep, 1m wide towing tank.

The gantry, with integrated stereo PIV capability, is able to traverse the length of the tank at speeds from 0.5 cm/sec to 50 cm/sec with controlled acceleration and deceleration profiles.

The gantry serves as a platform for mounting models of varying configuration (static or robotic).

A National Instruments PXI based system allows up to 12 servo/stepper/dc motors to be controlled while simultaneously collecting up to 16 channels of analog data (e.g. from load cells or other sensors).

Our stero PIV system (TSI Inc.) is able to image c. 15 cm2 areas using a pulsed Nd:YAG 240 mJ laser.

We have incorporated a custom dye-flow rake system for qualitative flow visualization.