For Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Researchers…

We are currently seeking an interested student for graduate studies (M.Sc.)

If you have funding (NSERC, OGS or other scholarship/fellowship support), please contact Dr. Dawson.

If you are interested in pursuing post-doctoral or graduate research with the group, please contact Dr. Dawson directly.

Potential graduate students are reminded that Carleton University has established admittance procedures for graduate studies.

It would be appreciated if your correspondence includes a statement of interest, CV, and the names and contact information of potential referees.

You can contact Dr. Dawson by email: jeff_dawson@carleton.ca

If you are considering graduate studies in the Ottawa area, these links contain important information:

Opportunities for Undergraduate Thesis and Project Students…

Currently accepting students for Summer, 2020 and Fall/Winter, 2020-21.

Opportunities for Co-Op Students…

We regret we can not supply money for salary for co-op positions.

Other enquiries (from co-op placement coordinators) can be directed to Dr. Dawson by email: jeff_dawson@carleton.ca

Opportunities for Work-Study Positions…

Two work study positions will be available for the upcoming Fall/Winter terms.

  • Animal Care Assistant
  • Laboratory Research Assistant / Administrative Assistant

Students can apply via the procedures posted on the Awards Office WWW site.

Volunteer Positions…

No positions are presently available — sorry.